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We Do Social Innovation 

In Benefactor Social Innovation we identify, support, train, develop, asist, share, inspire (and being inspired by) social change makers (common people with a better world idea: individuals, ingos, local communities, movements, companies, universities, governamental agencies etc.) to achieve greater impact FOR A BETTER WORLD.


In Benefactor Social Innovation we are specialists in empowering people working to make the world a better place:

  • Identifying and promoting local leadership

  • Innovative Recruitment Processes

  • Amazing taylor made Trainings 

  • Awesome Motivation plans

  • Efective Team Building activities

  • Original Campaigns to promote awareness, participation, fundraising and volunteers, etc.



In Benefactor Social Innovation we improve and develop your projects to make them innovative, better, impacting & sustainable:

  • geographical and sectorial planning

  • identification and conceptualization of innovative projects and programs

  • formulation and design of innovative projects and programs

  • search for funding and partners.

  • monitoring, coordination and/or direct implementation  of activities or projects.

  • Mid-term final, ex-post evaluation projects and programs.


Benefactor Social Innovation offers services to strength organizations :

  • Planning in Difficult Times: Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Do it better? Yes we can!: change management plan for effectiveness, impact, growth and/or consolidation

  • Promotion of networking with coordinators, strategic alliances

  • Design and Implementation of Campaigns and Events, Communication Plans and Marketing Plans Fundraising;

  • Development and Coordination of Research and Publications, etc.



In BeneFactor we encourage self and others Social Responsibility, we have mainly two lines:


  • 4Pi Network, which is a sharing platform for Social Innovators and Entrepeneurs.

  • Catalytic philanthropy offers an approach in which donors take a structured, active role in addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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