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Our inspirational values

We Dream Social Innovation 


In Benefactor Social Innovation we are professionals with passion, dedication, conviction and commitment to the social, human and sustainable development of people, social justice, the integration of the most disadvantaged regardless of their ideas and beliefs.


In Benefactor Social Innovation we like to go beyond, to innovate, to risk, to break, to shock, to surprise, starting from scratch, unlearn, reinvent ourselves, rescuing ingenuity, intuition, creativity, dreams and utopia, getting carried away by the spiral of life. 


In Benefactor Social Innovation change inspires us, attracts us, challenges us, changes us, we assume that change starts with us and a new way of looking at and we are willing to change us, and change the world.

We believe in change and create and support big or small sustanible and effective social changes.


In Benefactor Social Innovation we have sense of humor, we laugh at ourselves and this makes us stronger.


In Benefactor Social Innovation we keep naive and fresh perspective and never think we have the answers but continue  asking how, why, what, who ...!


In Benefactor Social Innovation we like team working, networking, sharing ideas. Our clients and students are peers and teachers. We are attentive to the other, the different, what they do, how they do it, to put ourselves in their place and share.


In Benefactor Social Innovation we are optimistic and are convinced and confidence that another world is possible and that we, social innovator, can achieve it!


In Benefactor Social Innovation we assume liability that means the challenge of making the world a better place!

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