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Tomorow I´m attending a Convention in Milan (Politécnico di Milano University) in the framework of the THE 2ND CONVENTION OF THE SUSTAINABILITY MAKER PROJECT.

During the convention, we will have the oportunity to meet, listen, discuss and share with current crowd-led approaches to sustainability innovation such as crowd-sourcing, open innovation, crowd-voting and crowd-funding will be explored.

Companies, institutions, NGOs, designers, researchers and students are invited to help test innonatives, the world’s first open-innovation platform that combines all of these approaches to foster design for sustainability


I do believe in the power of individuals, but when the individuals became an innovative, disruptive and active community this, the crowd, can be a weapon of mass construction, and the most powerfull changeforce.

Join us at the & become a change maker

#agenda #Milan #openinnovation #crowd #socialinnovation

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